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To be elite in anything, you need to play a different game than your competition. MindRev™ is a state-of-the-art cognitive performance system that radically changes how you handle yourself and others in critical situations. Learn focus, confidence, competitiveness, resilience, mental balance, peaking under pressure and controlling yourself and others subconsciously...the MindRev™ Way. All the training is streaming online, with no requirement for one-on-one personal training. You can learn the entire system from the privacy, convenience and affordability of your phone or tablet. This is a mental performance system tailor-made from the ground up for champions who want to impact, persuade and empower themselves and others. Consider this world-class people skill that puts you in a league of your own. Stream the entire catalog for a LIMITED TIME FOR $99 per year or purchase collections individually. Feel free to contact Bill at bill@mindrevlabs.com with any questions for comments.